This section is designed to be a reference for your business needs. I will provide, among other things, links to important sites and even case law to help you better understand how you can avoid or resolve issues in your day-to-day activities.
Please note: All legal or other resources provided are for General Informational Purposes Only, and are not intended to be, and should not be, considered Legal Advice or a substitute for Legal Advice from Independent Counsel. Further, publication of any resources or other matter is not intended, and receipt of, does not constitute an Attorney-Client Relationship.

Links: – U.S. Small Business Administration – General Source for all Businesses in Ohio (starting, licenses and permits, staying compliant) – Ohio EEOC laws, and general employment law (discrimination, disability etc.) – Ohio Secretary of State (forms and entity formation requirements) – United States Dept. of Labor (FMLA Act, Employment Law, Minimum wage and more) – Ohio Civil Rights Commission ( Posters, Discrimination etc.) – Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation – OSHA – U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Affordable Health Care Act applicability for your business – Social Security Administration – public records in Ohio – The Supreme Court of Ohio – Ohio Revised Code (all statutes) – Ohio Administrative Code – Ohio Constitution – Ohio Rules of the Courts (Civil, Criminal Procedure etc.)

Discrimination Cases:
Discrimination Damages – Employers Beware!
Age No Discrimination and No Contract based on Handbook

Tort/Negligence Case:
Slip and Fall – Car Wash – Open and Obvious
Slip and Fall – Pool Hotel – Not liable no knowledge of condition



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